Sunday, 21 April 2013

A quick review of the sports bras in my top drawer...

They're expensive and every brand makes promises that they are the most comfortable, most supportive sports bra that you'll ever wear.  But just as you have different shoes for different outfits, you need a different sports bras for different sports.  So I reviewed three of the sports bras in my top drawer and here are the results.  

Champion Double Dry retails for $49.95 at most stores.  It is a fantastic all purpose sports bra that I've been wearing for a year and a half not.  I've run long distances (between 5km - 28km) in this bra, completed triathlons (including the swim), gone for a few dips in the ocean and done countless CrossFit WODs in this top.  The versatility of this sports bra is its biggest selling point.  What's the drawback with this one?  It can get a little tight on the traps and the shoulder straps are fairly thick - and with only the one layer of material - if it gets cold or you're sweating out a hard arse WOD there may be some nipple visibility issues (I can't believe I just admitted to that!).  All in all it's a great sports bra and I'm giving it a 3/5 for comfort, a 3/5 for price and a 4/5 for support for a total of 10/15.  

Lululemon Run Pace Bra retails for $65.  I was lucky enough to receive this sports bra for free (I wanted to be honest with you!).  Ok, so this bra is really supportive and does give you a little cleavage look at the front (good for us gals on the smaller side and helps us feel little sexier!).  Great for running in, also for box jumps, double unders - anything high impact.  But not so great for pull ups, toes to bar.  As you can see from the photo of my back the straps cut across the lats and this feels restrictive when you are in an overhead position.  So I'll be sticking to mostly cardio for this one.  Comfort 3/5, price 2/5 and support 4/5 for a total of 9/15.  

Reebok CrossFit Skinny Bra retails for $49.99.  I only purchased this sports bra recently but it's already turned into the sports bra on top of the pile in my draw.  So comfortable that you forget that you are wearing a sports bra and there is zero restriction in an overhead position.  The downside is that it would not be ideal for a long run as it isn't as supportive on high impact for a long period of time.  But for a met con or heavy session or indeed pretty much an CrossFIt WOD it is perfect.  It's a really well thought out product that works very well for the sport that it has been created for.  Thank you to the sporty women with big shoulders that must have designed this product!  Lots of CrossFit love for Stacie Tovar pictured wearing this one.  Comfort 5/5, support 3/5 and price 3/5 for a total of 11/15.  


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