Sunday, 11 December 2011

Fit Wars 2 - South Australia's CrossFit competition - December 18!

A fail safe way of making sure I give something 100% is to make a competition out of it!  So a few months back I signed up for the intermediate section of Fit Wars 2, South Australia's CrossFit competition. 
This is my first CrossFit competition and it's now only a week out and there's a mixture of excitement and nervousness!  This time next week I will be running, jumping and lifting (amongst a long list of fun exercises!) - and in there will be some smiles and some grimaces.  

The great thing about the CrossFit community is the support that everyone has for each other (big shout out to CrossFit Tenacity! You know that during your workout if you need a little support to get you through there will be someone telling you to do just one more rep or to not put the bar down.  My friends are amazed when I tell them that I know the names of people at the gym, that we train together, support each other and I think they are in shock when I tell them we actually talk to one another!  So when people say it's just interval training you know that they haven't really experienced CrossFit or the community that comes with it.  Which is why the nerves are dying down even as I'm writing this as I know come Sunday there will be a CrossFit community cheering me on and telling me not to give up.  

If you are around Adelaide next weekend, head down to Santos Stadium to catch a look at some of South Australia's fittest men and women.  Entry is free and starts about 9:00am.  For more information about the event and the workouts check out the Facebook page:

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