Wednesday, 7 December 2011


It's that time of year again, after a long 6 months of waiting it's time to harvest the garlic and hang them under your porch in long braids.
 Most people don't realise how easy it is to grow your own garlic, the complete lack of maintenance they require and just how much better the taste is. 

You can grow enough to last you a year without using much space in your garden at all.  This is something that you don't need a green thumb for, a perfect start for new gardeners or people who think they haven inheirted a less than green thumb.   

Growing Garlic:
Time to plant - May/June/July
Time to harvest - December/January
Step 1 - buy some organic garlic bulbs from a farmer's market.
Step 2 - pull apart the bulb into cloves
Step 3 - plant the bulbs with the pointy end up about 10cm apart (don't be too fussy)
Step 4 - harvest once the foliage turns brown and appears to have seen better days
Step 6 - braid the garlic bulbs together and hang in a cool dry place
It's that easy!

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